Naruto's Rasen Shuriken

Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken is a wind jutsu created by Naruto Uzumaki, being his first created jutsu of note. It works by Naruto first creating two shadow clones, having one form the rasengan in his hand, which he compresses, while the other pours wind chakra into it, eventually causing it to resemble a shuriken spinning around the Rasengan. Once the jutsu hits its target, it expands with incredible power, trapping the target within with the jutsu and causing many tiny blades or needles of chakra to pelt the the target all over their body. According to Naruto sensei, Kakashi Hatake, the number of these small, seperate attacks is nearly infinite, with his Sharingan failing to follow them all. Kakuzu, the eldest and most experienced of the Akatsuki, had his chakra network completely destroyed by this jutsu and the damage done to his body by it was done on a near cellular level, which prompted Tsunade Senju, the Fifth Hokage, to declare it a Forbidden Jutsu. This jutsu has a doubled version called Wind Style: Double Rasen Shuriken.