Mahina(The Ghost and the Darkness 1996)

Mahina is a supporting character of the 1998 action/adventure/thriller film The Ghost and the Darkness. He was an African native who came to work for the British empire in helping them build a railway in the country, later being assigned to work on a railway bridge in Tsavo.

Background Edit

Almost nothing is known of Mahina's past, other than that he was born in Africa, and came to work on the railroad the British were building in Africa. He, at some point, killed a lion with his bare hands, receiving scratch marks on his cheeks from doing so.

The Ghost and the Darkness Edit

Mahina made his debut in the film at the bridge site, where, as the foreman, Colonel John Henry Patterson gave him and Angus Starling instructions to oversee the building of the bridge's foundation piers. There he announced after Starling brought the subject of Patterson's killed lion, that he also had killed lion, saying with his bare hands when asked. Over the next nine weeks, thanks to Mahina's brilliance largely, the bridge's building progress became way ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, one night, a man-eating lion dragged Mahina from his tent, carried him off, and killed and devoured him with its brother. His death left the camp in terror, as he was so powerful, but could not save himself, and Patterson was deeply saddened by his loss.

Skills Edit

Mahina was very skilled in construction work, able to aid Colonel John Henry Patterson in building the bridge, and help get much of the work done way ahead of schedule. As a foreman, he was so skilled that Patterson heavily credited him in a letter written to his wife as a "marvel". Mahina was also, without a doubt, an incredibly strong man, having killed a lion single-handedly with just his bare hands.

Personality Edit

Mahina was a very charismatic man, as shown when everyone he met grew fond of him easily. He formed a strong friendship with Colonel John Henry Patterson, who was deeply saddened when he was killed by The Ghost and the Darkness. Mahina also shown a sense of humor, laughing easily at Patterson's joke at his debut.

Trivia Edit

Mahina was actually a real person, but was not Patterson's foreman, but rather a random Indian coolie he chose to be his gunbearer. He was also never killed by the lions at Tsavo.