Allison Grizzly 1976

Allison Corwin is a supporting character in the 1976 natural horror film Grizzly. She is a professional photographer who lived in the area in the past. 

Background Edit

Allison Corwin was born in the area of the national park in the film, growing up to become a professional photographer. She returned prior to the film's story to shoot photos of seasonal changes, where she began a relationship with Chief Park Ranger Michael Kelly, also trying to help her father to do his job, despite his lack of desire for such.

Grizzly Edit

Allison Corwin made her debut in the film at her father's dinner, met there quickly by her boyfriend, Chief Michael Kelly, who teased her for fogetting about meeting him earlier. They left and he took her into the forest to take photos for her job, where she teased him, answering a silly question. However, at that moment, Ranger Tom arrived in his car, and they accompanied him to where a couple of missing girls were camped. Soon, Kelly found one of them dead in a shack, killed by a bear, Corwin going along with his search party that night for more photographs. After she tripped into some blood from the second victim, Corwin became terrorfied and screamed out. The next day, she arrived in Kelly office as he called Arthur Scott in from the field, later enjoying his funny story about his divorced wife and their marriage, also asking him if he and Scott loved their jobs. After Ranger Tom's girlfriend, also a ranger, was killed by the bear, Corwin comforted her boyfriend. Cirwin isn't seen again until much later, when Kelly, with Scott and pilot, hunter, and guide Don Stober were about to head out of the bear, then identified as a prehistoric Grizzly bear( a fictional Artodus ursos horribilis, based off of the real-life Artodus Simus). Though she insisted that she go along, Kelly wouldn't allow it, leaving her annoyed. Much later, after an attack from the Grizzly in town, Allison arrived at the victims' house, asking if the child was still alive. She is not seen again for the rest of the film.

Personality Edit

Allison is a very cheerful and nice person, but, as her boyfriend, Chief Kelly, stated, also very spoiled. She also loved Kelly and her father a lot, though tended to be annoying to them at times, shown throughout the film.

Skills Edit

Allison is a very talented photographer, but has no skills at all impressive compared to other characters.